As many of you have noticed, the Lounge was unavailable for several hours on January 11 / 12. There was a problem with the DNS (Domain Name Server) that tells the web which IP address corresponds to
You can bypass such problems by adding the Lounge's IP address to your hosts file.

For Windows:

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC.
There is a file named Hosts (without an extension).
First right-click the file and select Properties.
If the Read-only check box is ticked, clear it.
Click OK.
Open the Hosts file in Notepad or another text editor.
Add the following lines to the end of the file:
Save and close the file.
If you cleared the Read-only check box, you should now tick it again.
Your browser should now be able to find the Lounge even if the DNS isn't working.

1) The change should take effect immediately, there is no need to restart Windows.
2) If the Lounge server itself is down, or having problems, you won't be able to get in, of course.
3) If the Lounge's IP address should change (fortunately this doesn't happen very often), there'll be a problem. If you get a message that the Lounge cannot be found during an extended period of time (several days), try commenting out the two lines by adding # in front of them.

For Macintosh:

see Mac OS X: How to Add Hosts to Local Hosts File for the steps needed.