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    No Current Record message - PDF conversion (Access 2002)

    I have an Access database in which I am using Stephen Lebans' ReportToPDF to convert the reports to a PDF file. It is amazing and works great, most of the time. Sometimes the report may be 400 pages or more (the program generates high school transcripts, and we would like the users to be able to save a PDF file containing the transcripts for all students assigned to a single guidance counselor), in which case I either receive a message stating that there is not enough memory for temporary work files or I receive a "No Current Record" message. It works beautifully when there are fewer pages. I have tried running the Disk Cleanup to free up some disk space, thinking that was it, but it hasn't helped. I thought it was working before, even with the larger number of pages, but I can't guarantee it. The Access program is being run off of a workstation, but it links to data on a Novell server. Any ideas?

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    Re: No Current Record message - PDF conversion (Access 2002)

    I'd ask Stephen Lebans. There is an e-mail link on his website

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