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    Adding an object to an input form (97)

    I am creating a database for our HR department. They would like to attach a fax or pdf file to a record for an employee. When they enter the information into the table. Is this possible and how would I go about doing this?


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    Re: Adding an object to an input form (97)

    You have two options.

    1) OLE field
    - Add an OLE Object field to the table.
    - Add a Bound Object Frame to the data entry form, bound to the OLE Object field.
    - The user can select Insert | Object... or right-click the control and select Insert Object... to add a file.
    - The user can specify whether the object should be linked to the original file or not.

    2) Hyperlink field
    - Add a Hyperlink field to the table.
    - Add a text box bound to the Hyperlink field to the data entry form.
    - The user can select Insert | Hyperlink or right-click the text box and select Hyperlink | Edit Hyperlink.
    - The file will be opened in the application associated with it (fax viewer, Adobe Reader, ...)

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