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    Incrementing Numbers and Text? (2004 for Mac v11.3.3)


    I'm trying to create a relatively simple spreadsheet for my wife's graphic design business, so she can keep track of the projects she's working on, how many hours, how much she made, invoice dates, invoice numbers, etc. for each project. My wife is "excelphobic", so I'm trying to keep this as low maintenance and automatic as possible, so that all she's doing is inputting data.

    I'm trying to create an invoice number that automatically increments by one, each time a project is complete. Here's the formula I've started with -

    =IF(I2>0,"BPD-"&TEXT(H2,"YYYY")&"-000"&1,"") which would return, for example - BDP-2007-0001

    I2 = Actual Hours of the project / H2 = the date the project ended.

    So for the second project that ends, I'd like the invoice number to be BDP-2007-0002, and so on.

    Also, if possible, once a new year starts, e.g. 2008, I'd like to be able to reset the automatically generated number back to 1, e.g. BDP-2008-0001.

    Thanks for any help provided!


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    Re: Incrementing Numbers and Text? (2004 for Mac v11.3.3)

    See the attached sample workbook. The Aux column can be hidden if you wish.

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