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    Importing from text file removes leading spaces (AccessXP)

    I am importing a text file into my database. Some of the text fields are preceded by a space. I need the space to be there. However, when I import the data, the spaces are removed. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

    Attached is a sample file. The file has the following lines " spaces" <tab> " are" <tab> " commonly" <tab> " found" <tab> " before" <tab> " text." However, importing this text into an access table removes all the leading spaces.

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    Re: Importing from text file removes leading spaces (AccessXP)

    Access trims the leading and trailing spaces from text values when you import a delimited file. You can do the following:
    - Open the text file in Excel (specifying Tab as delimiter).
    - Save it as an Excel workbook.
    - Import the workbook into Access. This preserves leading and trailing spaces.

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