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    pasted chart changes date format to number (2002 SP3)


    I have to create quarterly reports for several divisions. Most of my information is contained in the one excel file, however there is one graph that I paste into my quarterly report from a monthly division report. The graph has dollars one the Y axis and dates (Apr 05 to Dec 06) on the X axis. When i first paste the graph, I can print the entire quarterly report and everything appears fine.

    The problem occurs when I save the quarterly report, close it then open it later. The data on the x axis of the imported graph changes from date format to the number equivalent of the date. When i look at source date for x axis labels it reads ={38443,38473,38504,38534,38565,38596,38626,38657, 38687,38718,38749,38777,38808,38838,38869,38899,38 930,38961,38991,39022,39052}.

    Can anyone tell me how I can get the quarterly report to save the proper date format?


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    Re: pasted chart changes date format to number (2002 SP3)

    This is probably because you paste the chart without its source data. You should either paste chart and source data, or hold down Shift when copying the chart. so that you copy a picture.

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