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    MDE in mixed environment (2002/2003)

    I've created an Access application to be shared on the network in my office. Most workstations have A2002, but a few have A2003. I developed the app on my computer using A2003. The app is to be distributed as MDE, and a separate frontend on each workstation.

    1. I've found that I had to copy the MDB to an A2002 computer to create a single MDE that can run under both versions. Is it possible to compile the MDE on A2003 such that it will also run on A2002?

    2. Double-clicking the MDE under A2002 causes it to run properly, but double-clicking the MDE on an A2003 computer causes an error message. I've found that I need to create a shortcut that explicitly references both ACCESS.EXE and the MDE for it to run successfully under A2003. Is there a setting that will allow for double-clicking of the MDE under A2003. (In practice, we have a single shortcut that references the MDE file on the workstation. A2002 and A2003 are in different locations on the workstations, so a single shortcut cannot be used.)

    Thanks for any insight offered.
    Jack MacDonald
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    Re: MDE in mixed environment (2002/2003)

    Access 2002 and 2003 use the same file format. I suspect it's a references problem. If you open a database in a newer version of Access than the one it was created in, Access can often resolve the references, but not the other way round. So you must create the .mde in the older version.
    Opening the .mde in Access 2003 with a shortcut thaty specifies the path to Access.exe probably helps Access resolve the references to the Office XP libraries. If that is correct, you really need the different shortcuts.

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