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    Linear Column Chart (Excel 2003)


    Does anyone know of a way to plot two series' on one column chart using different x axis(xlCategory) values. Typically, column charts have labels for the X axis but do not have real values. I am creating a histogram and want to plot one histogram on another. I ideally want to have the x axis store linear values not just labels for each column. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

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    Re: Linear Column Chart (Excel 2003)

    For a column chart, the x axis is always categorical, so if you want to treat it as a scalar axis, you must fake it by providing the correct data.
    If you use an XY scatter chart, Excel will automatically treat the x axis as scalar, so no special tricks are needed.

    See the attached workbook. The original data series are highlighted in yellow, the combined data on which the chart is based are highlighted in pale green.
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