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    Go Back or Restore

    Last week I installed ZA Security Suite--with some helpful advice from the lounge. Before doing so, I set a Windows Restore point. That got me to wondering whether instead of the Windows Restore point, I should have set a point in the Go Back software that I have with Norton Utilities, or is there any reason to use both before a software installation. Is one better to use? Or more generally, do they do the same thing?
    Luckily the installation went fine and I didn't need to roll anything back. Thanks.

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    Re: Go Back or Restore

    A Windows restore point will only restore the Windows system files to that point. The GoBack software will restore your entire hard drive to the state it was in before the restore point was set.

    If you install other software, add some documents or pictures to your system or make some changes in your configuration, Windows Restore will not affect any of that. If you use GoBack, all of these changes will be lost, but any problems created since the restore point was set in GoBack will disappear. In short, GoBack is the more through of the two options.
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