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    Page Break Preview Error (Excel 2003 SP2)

    We have many Excel files that are exported from another product (Oracle Discoverer). When people open them in Excel and go to View -> Page Break Preview, they get this error : "The number must be between 10 and 400. Try again by entering a number in this range." You can click OK and revert back to Normal View and the next time you go to Page Break Preview, there are no more errors. It isn't a major problem in that it doesn't stop people from working on the file but it is an annoyance. Here is what I have found before posting here.

    The error message is very vague and since all we do is open the file (doesn't matter if the file is exported in Excel format or as a CSV) and go to Page Break Preview, we don't know what range to enter a number in. I found an Excel limitation that the Zoom Range has to be between 10% and 400%, so I thought that when the files are exported, this setting is set to 0 and when you go to Page Break Preview, you get the error and Excel fixes it and it goes away

    When we open the file (before choosing Page Break Preview) and go to Page Set up, the scaling is set to Adjust to : 100% . I thought that this is the setting that would be 0 but it was 100% which is within the "range". The "zoom box" also shows 100%.

    I searched for the error on the MS Knowledge base and nothing relevant came up. I googled the error and found it has an error number of 196839. I searched Excel help for "zoom range" and nothing helpful came up.

    I am also checking into settings in Oracle Discoverer that might cause this. We have no idea how long this has been happening because very few people who use or export these files even go into Page Break Preview. I am posting this here because A) it is an annoying Excel error and [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] I have always got excellent answers from this site.

    To make things trickier, we happened to find a file (exported exactly the same) that didn't get the error. Interestingly, when we went to Page Break Preview, the zoom box went to 60%. So, this error doesn't happen all the time, just most of the time. We compared the Page Setup settings on the file that worked to that of a file that didn't work and they were identical. The files aren't that big. They range from 3000-9000 rows and they all have 20 columns.

    Finally my question(s): Is there another place in Excel besides File -Page Set up-Scaling or the zoom box, where Excel needs a number between 10 and 400? Are there problems with Page Break Preview? Any ideas on other things to check? I can't post the files.


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    Re: Page Break Preview Error (Excel 2003 SP2)

    The only property I know of that has limits 10 and 400 is the Zoom property. It applies to the window (each view can have its own Zoom setting) and to the page setup for printing.

    The problem is probably on the Oracle side, I doubt you can do much about it on the Excel side.

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