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    Automatic spellcheck missing words (Word 2000)

    One of the secretaries at my company is having a strange problem. Word is set to check spelling automatically, but it's not catching all mis-spelled words; even stranger, when she runs a manual spellcheck, those same words are caught and flagged as misspellings. I know it's happened at least once (the error was found when someone else reviewed the document in question), but we're not sure yet how often it may be happening -- she is going to manually check all of her documents for a while, and will let me know if/when it turns up again.

    I'm at a bit of a loss. Trolling the internet for information, I've found articles about creating custom dictionaries of words for spellcheck to ignore, but I don't find anything like that on her system. Is there anything else I should look into?


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    Re: Automatic spellcheck missing words (Word 2000)

    Hi Cris,

    I don't know if this info will help you on your quest for an answer. You can ignore a word while spelling and the word is not put in a dictionary. However, it is remembered by the document until you "reset" it in the document. Unfortunately, I don't have Word 2000 any more, so I'm unsure of the interface, but I do know there used to be a check box that let you reset all ignored words. Is it possible that when your secretary runs the manual spell check, she is resetting the ignored words so they can be rechecked?

    It's so easy to accidentally "ignore" a misspelled word that it sometimes pays to manually check anyway.


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