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    PPT 2003 (Problem with custom animation)

    Hello all, I have this problem I can't solve.
    I am showing on a slide different parts of a product, so I'm highlighting one by one each part with a red oval that appears at mouse click and disappears when the next element is shown. So far so good, but the problem is that after everything is shown one by one in slide view, I want the hidden ovals to reappear again, so the whole slide is shown with all elements before I go on to the next slide. However I can't find a custom animation that allows me to do that. Upon the next mouse click, I go directly to the next slide [img]/forums/images/smilies/sad.gif[/img]
    Could anyone help me with this, please? I'd appreciate it.

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    Re: PPT 2003 (Problem with custom animation)

    There may be more elegant ways of doing this, but here is a rather clunky method:
    Use click and Shift+click to select all the ovals. Take care not to include the background picture. If you accidentally do, simply Shift+click it again to remove it from the selection.
    When you have selected all fice ovals, copy and paste them.
    Then group them together (Drawing | Group on the Drawing toolbar).
    Move the grouped ovals so that they exactly cover the original ones (use Ctrl+arrow keys for fine tuning).
    With the group still selected, click Add Effect in the Custom Animation task pane, assign the effect you want and set its options.
    See attached version.
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