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    Code to import from Access to Outlook (2003 sp2)

    The following I copied from <post#=323617>post 323617</post#>

    - Select File | Import and Export...
    - Select "Import from another program or file", then click Next.
    - Select "Microsoft Access", then click Next.
    - Click Browse... to select a database, then click Next.
    - Select the Calendar folder, then click Next.
    - Select the table by ticking its check box.
    - Click "Map custom fields".
    - If the field names in the Access table correspond to those in Outlook, the correspondence will be automatic; otherwise, you will have to drag Access fields to the corresponding Outlook fields.
    - Click OK, then Finish.

    I am wanting to accomplish this through an onClick event from a form within Access. I need some direction???


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    Re: Code to import from Access to Outlook (2003 sp2)

    See the Access >>> Outlook section of Code Samples on Helen Feddema's website. I'd recommend downloading the samples you're interested in now, for they aren't always available (they are at the moment of writing this).

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