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    Macro to cut one Word doc into many small ones (Word 2002 SP3)

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone might be able to help me code a macro to do the following. [This has been cross-posted in the Word section of the lounge as well]

    Let's say I have a Word document, called "My notes", which is full of notes. Each individual note ends with delimiter. (In the attached example I've used "///").

    Let's say there are 30 notes in the My notes.doc. I need a macro which will copy each note into its own new doc, and give the new doc a name (eg. "My notes snipped 0001.doc", "My notes snipped 0002.doc" etc.) save it, and close it.

    Ideally there should be no limit to how many notes are in My notes.doc, although if limitlessness makes this harder to code, 2,000 should be plenty.

    Also ideally, I should be able to easily change
    -- what I want the delimiter to be, and
    -- what the non-unique part of the cut-up file name (in the example above, change from "My notes snipped 0001.doc" to "Cool stuff 0001.doc").

    Is this asking too much from forum readers, or is it more appropriate that I try my luck with some of the for-hire "experts" on Kasamba?

    I'd be grateful for any help.

    PS I am cross-posting this in the VBA section of the forum

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    Re: Macro to cut one Word doc into many small ones (Word 2002 SP3)

    Please don't post the same question in two (or more) different forums. It can only lead to duplication and confusion. This thread is locked. Replies can be posted in the thread starting at [<post:=626,663>post 626,663</post:>.

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