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    This message is related to <post#=625439>post 625439</post#> and <post#=626390>post 626390</post#> started by <!profile=BigAl>BigAl<!/profile> with observations about Nero v7.5.9.0. In those postings there was a reference to the fact that Nero has now been released (January 18, 2007) and is a very large file... 190mb.

    I currently have Nero Ultra Enhanced v7.5.9.0 on my system and in the above mentioned posts I discussed the process that I use to install new versions of Nero. Refer to those posts for more details.

    Being a sucker for punishment I decided to download what appears to be a major update and run through a different installation process. This time I decided to just run the installation process without performing an uninstall of the older version like I had done in the past.

    Here are some of my findings:

    1. There are no longer two separate downloads - one with the Ask Toolbar and one without. The single file for downloading includes the Ask Toolbar feature, but you are asked in the very first step of the installation process whether you want to install the Ask Toobar feature or bypass it.

    2. The next step in the installation process will automatically uninstall any older version of Nero, if it finds it on your system, no option here. Once uninstalled, you are requested to reboot to complete that process and continue the installation of the new version.

    3. After rebooting, the installation of the new version continues with a bit of a twist. The reboot process does not load your Start Up applications but continues outright with the install.

    4. The first step in the install of the new version is to ask whether you want a Typical or Custom install. Not liking Typical installs and possible bloat, I selected the Custom approach. This displayed a menu where I could cherry-pick the various features of Nero.

    5. Considering that I have other favourite applications for Nero's sundry features, I bypassed the install of, Vision, BackItUp, WaveEditor, SoundTrax, MediaHome, Recode, Photosnap, InCD and Mobile. Leaving just the BurningRom, Express, CoverDesigner and Tools to install. When the process completed, a Finish icon was presented. When this was selected, the process did not ask for a reboot, like it used to, but rather commenced the loading of the Windows Start Up applications. As previously stated, a new twist to installation processes.

    At this point I tested a burn using BurningRom and it appears to be OK.

    I cannot vouch for the other features as I did not install them. As I stated in the previous postings, Nero has, IMHO, become bloated in that it is trying to be everything to everybody. I have used Nero for well over 7 or 8 years and can remember when it was just a basic, top-performing burner.

    Anyway, just some observations which I hope might help.

    Cheers, Bob

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    Re: Nero

    Thanks for that "tutorial" Bob, it should be very helpful to know. I have downloaded just so I have it, but don't plan to do anything just yet. I'm still trying to get the energy to backtrack the Word and Excel problem I mentioned in the second of my posts you reference. I think I'm going to have to uninstall Nero completely, including those two rogue programs, to see if Word and Excel are OK afterward.

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