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    Firewall & Antivirus

    I had been using the ZoneAlarm Pro fire wall for years without any problems

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    Re: Firewall & Antivirus

    Did you get all of the McAffee removed?
    I have been using ZA Pro for years coupled with Norton SystemWorks w: Anti-Virus. On 1 of my laptops I have ZA Security Suite 6 with Office 2003, on the 2nd laptop (Office XP) and PC Family) with Office 2000. I am totally satisfied with their Security Suite and have had no problems on any of those 3. I just renewed my firewall, and when my Norton expires in March and I will be upgrading my PC (Home) and Laptop to ZA Security Suite 7 at that time. I am running Office '07 on both. I do intend however to buy and install Norton System Works w/o anti virus just because I like some of the clean up options and other items like GoBack for example.
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    Re: Firewall & Antivirus

    Zone Labs may well have a short list of supported software -- I have no idea -- but Outlook 2003 is not some obscure little piece of shareware that Zone Labs could choose to ignore.

    Do you have the new version that was just recently released? Before giving up on the suite, you might want to try the update.

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