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    Powerpoint run code when creating from template (Powerpoint 2002)

    I have created a powerpoint template with some VBA, but I can't find how to fire up the code automatically when the template is launched. I haven't done any VBA within Powerpoint before, but I know in Word there is a "this document_open" command - I can't find anything like this in Powerpoint. Can anyone help please? I need to distribute this template to a number of users, and get the code to run as soon as a new presentation based on this template is created.

    Thanks - no VBA experience in Powerpoint at all yet so please reply in idiot's guide format!

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    Re: Powerpoint run code when creating from template (Powerpoint 2002)

    You'll have to create an add-in. See my reply to your other recent question <post:=626,918>post 626,918</post:>.

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