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    Frequency chart (Excel XP)

    How do I make a frequency chart? that is I have bunches of 1's to 5's in a column and I want to show how many times 1's appear, 2's appear etc ....

    Thanks people

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    Re: Frequency chart (Excel XP)

    I would pivot table the column and count the items (as opposed to summing them.) this will quickly give you the number of occurences and then you can easily produce your graph from there.



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    Re: Frequency chart (Excel XP)

    From the Tools menu, choose Data Analysis| Histogram. If it's not there, use Tools Addins to load it.

    However, first create a "Bin", a column with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 (say B2:B6).
    Say your data are in column A (say A2:A50)
    In the Histogram dialog box, A2:A50 is your Input Range; B2:B6 is the Bin Range. If you have labels included, then the ranges would be A1:A50 and B1:B6 and check that box. If the output range is not a new sheet, then click on an empty cell that will be the top left cell of the output. Don't use the existing bin range for the output. Then OK to finish it off.

    The number in the output column "frequency" is the number of items that are less than or equal to the corresponding number in the bin. That's why there is a "more" entry. I often put a 0 in the bin to make sure that I've got the right minimum value as well. This also works if you had say numbers between 1 and 100 and you wanted to know the frequencies in ranges.
    Hope this helps

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