I am logging on to our network via a Terminal Services session as each employee to create a standard HTML email signature.
The signature contains:
The company logo (as a live hyperlink to our website)
Employee name (Bold Arial 12)
Title (Arial 11)
Various contact numbers (Arial 10)

The destination server for all TS sessions is the same; If I understand correctly, each employee has a profile on that server (so my Desktop and settings on the TS may be different than another employee's desktop and customizations)

I don't begin to know where the problem lies but some of the signatures I create using MSWord Advanced Edit look good in MS word but change styles after they are saved. One reverts from Arial to Times new Roman and another changes Arial 12 Bold to Ariel 11 Bold. I have erased and recreated to no avail. Is there a setting in each person's profile on TS that I need to change?