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    Bill Altmann

    Eudora Backup by Date (Eudora 5.1 / W98)

    I would like to write a macro (VB? VBA?) which splits the Eudora mailbox files into two pieces: all messages before a given date, and all messages after that date.
    My goal is to backup the mail from before a cut-off date, and then delete that from the Eudora mailboxes. I can find no such solution in Eudora or online. The purpose, of course, is to reduce the size of the folders storing old e-mail: I can put the old stuff onto a ZIP or CD and delete it from the hard drive, while still being able to point Eudora to it if I need to view or search.

    If there is a better forum for this, please mirror.

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    Re: Eudora Backup by Date (Eudora 5.1 / W98)

    Try <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>?

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