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    Distribute Custom Toolbar in Outlook (Outlook and VBA)

    I tried this question in the Outlook Forum without success, so am trying it here. How do I distribute a custom toolbar in Outlook? I've created a module and form in VBProject.OTM and want to run it from a custom toolbar - but how do I distribute the toolbar to the PCs?

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    Re: Distribute Custom Toolbar in Outlook (Outlook and VBA)

    Well, I'm going to reply to my own question, as I believe I've figured it out.

    Short of creating a Com Add-In, you can create a custom toolbar in your Outlook VBAProject.OTM file by using the office CommandBars object, which works a little differently than in other MS Office apps (of course!).

    The code I wrote looks something like this, and is put in the ThisOutlookSession module of the above-noted file as follows:

    Private Sub Application_Startup()
    Dim oActExp As Outlook.Explorer
    Dim cmdbar As CommandBar
    Dim cmdbtn As CommandBarButton

    Set oActExp = Outlook.ActiveExplorer

    'Delete MyCustom toolbar if exists

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