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    True Type Fonts (Word 2003 SP2)

    It is my understanding that Word uses the fonts in the WindowsFonts folder.
    Each font can consist of 4 .ttf files for Normal, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic
    If I use a font that does not have a .ttf file for Italic (Comic Sans MS for example) how does Word display Italic Text for this font and Print it?

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    Re: True Type Fonts (Word 2003 SP2)

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    If there is no separate file for a specific variation of a font (such as Italic), Windows uses a built-in algorithm to apply the effect. For Italic, this is done by slanting the characters, and for Bold by increasing the width of the characters. This works very well, but will result in slightly lower quality, since the characters cannot be tweaked individually, as in a dedicated 'Italic' or 'Bold' or 'Bold Italic' file.

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