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    Insert 'Company' from File Info (Word 2003)

    I want to be able to insert, as a field, the Company name that is listed under File | Properties. I went to Insert | Field and looked through several of the options, but did not find Company Name (though I did find several other fields under the Properties section like Comments, Subject, Title, etc.). Does anyone know how to insert the Company field?

    Also - that Company field is something that is already filled out for me and I know that it's pulling information that was entered when I setup the computer, but I can't remember where that info is stored and where it can be accessed to edit it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Re: Insert 'Company' from File Info (Word 2003)

    You can use the DocProperty field to insert document properties. If you select Insert | Field, then select DocProperty in the list of fields, you'll see a list of available properties. The field code for the company name is

    { DOCPROPERTY Company }

    See MSKB article How to change the company name and user name in Office 2003 for your other question (it's rather technical!)

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