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    Subform on Continuous Form (Access 2000)

    Hi there. I have two forms that run off two separate tables. One of the forms is a continuous form and contains the customer information. The other form contains a list of sales projects and the name of the person who is in charge of the sales project.

    Now I want to insert the name of the salesman in charge of the project onto the continuous sales information form (linked by the sales project/sale item, which is the same). The only thing is that Access does not allow me to add a subform onto a Continuous Form. How can I still display this information? Would it be possible to do this using a text box and then insert some code to link the sales item in the Continuous Form with the salesperson in the second form so that it displays the correct information?



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    Re: Subform on Continuous Form (Access 2000)

    Perhaps you can create a query based on the two tables that adds the name of the salesman to the sales info, and use that as record source for the continuous form.

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