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Thread: HP scanner woes

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    Re: HP scanner woes

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by zeus on 20-Jul-01 17:22.</FONT></P>Not saying this is it BUT, I had this exact experience
    with a printer when I had moved the tower and
    in re-cable-ing (lol) I plugged the wrong usb plug.

    I switched one and two, it was all it was, I realized
    after I redid lots of things and jumped
    up and down a few times.

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    HP scanner woes

    Win98 on Gateway w/ AMD Athlon, 256 MB RAM.
    For about two years or more, we've used an HP ScanJet 5200C. Recently, however, we got an error message saying the computer cannot find the scanner. I tried uninstalling the scanner and its software via 'Add/Remove Programs.' I physically disconnected scanner from both computer (USB) and power source. Next I restored power to the scanner, and I heard the familiar sound of the scanner coming to life. However, the computer was off at the time, and I did not have the USB cable connected. The ReadMe file said I should see the "new hardware" dialog box after I connected the USB cable, and that if the dialog does not appear, my computer is "not USB ready." Well, the dialog did not appear, but this computer was running this scanner with USB before the trouble began. Anyway, I reinstalled the software, and I was certain everything would be right again. Sadly, when I tried to launch the HP ScanSoft application, I again got the dreaded message: Can't locate scanner. So...any ideas out there? Could it be as simple a problem as a defective USB cable? Or is this a fatal problem with an expensive piece of hardware gone bad? I'm going to try HP's web site, but I have more faith in folks who haunt this site.
    UPDATE: Another message addresses this very same product. I tried one suggestion, i.e., I went to HP's site for help. Followed all the steps and found all the files (stimon, hpsjvxd.exe,hpsjvxd.vxd) appear to be where they're supposed to be. I also tried isolating the scanner on the USB connections (I have one other device using USB; I turned off the computer and unplugged the other device, rebooted). Result: same old.... Next I'm going to try connecting the scanner to another computer.

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    Re: HP scanner woes

    Have you installed anything else recently? Could be a conflict. Couple of things worth trying:
    Start>Programs>Accessories>Sytem Tool>System Information>Hardware>conflicts/sharing. Check to see if your scanner or usb controller are sharing an IRQ or in conflict with another device.
    Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Imaging Device>Properties>Driver>Update Driver. Re-install the driver for your scanner.
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