I have a forecasting application that relies on a pivot table to bring data together into a table for the forecast. The PT and everything has been fine but now something has gone out of wack and it is giving me a message that I have too many rows or columns. But it had worked fine before for months and all I did today was to some new equations to a column. I have worked on this all day and I have gotten to where it will accept all but one of the columns.
If anyone thinks he or she can help, I have posted two Zip files at the ZNail storage site. You can get to the site using the following URL:


Be careful to get the entire URL in your Browser window. When you get to the site, use my user_Name, sstollma, and my password, epic3/11. When you get the main screen, click on "open ZNail". Your Browser will open a new window on which you will see a white bar with "select file". Click on this and you will see Forecast and Forecast2. Click on one at a time and download the files. They are two zip files. When you unzip them (God, I hope you get that far), Winzip will tell you which is the first file.
If you open the XL file, the pivot table data are in the ProjStart WS and the pivot table, without the last column (ProdEnd which you can see on the ProjStart WS) can be seen on Sheet5. It used to go on the ProjStart WS, starting in cell Q6. You can actually put it back in Q6 without adding the ProdEnd column). all the cells to the right of where the PT fit in have equations that depend on cells within the PT.
If you think you can help me, please use the following e-mail address: Columbia_MD.sstollma@sdps.org and cc me at home at "sstollma@juno.com".
I have to leave here now because a storm is coming in and I am afraid that I might lose my connection.
Another alternative is to send me your phone number and some times you will be at the number.
Thanks so much for whatever help you can give.
By the way, the ZNAIL site is great and it is absolutely free and non-intrusive.