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    Spanning Pages with Excel Objects (2003)

    I am creating a Word document in which I have pasted 3 Excel objects. The Excel objects are big enough to span more than one page. The pasting of the objects works fine and when I view the Word document the Excel objects are visible in their entirety. However when the Word document is printed only the first page of each Excel object gets printed. The Word pages in which the Excel objects are pasted are Landscape while the remainder of the word document pages are portrait. Page orientation shouldn't be the problem but don't know for sure. But switching the orientation to portrait for all pages isn't an option.

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    Re: Spanning Pages with Excel Objects (2003)

    You'll have to copy and paste Excel objects small enough to fit on one page. I don't think you can make an Excel object in Word print over multiple pages.

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    Re: Spanning Pages with Excel Objects (2003)

    Hi dglarson,

    If you paste the objects using Word's 'Formatted Text (RTF)' option, the data can span multiple pages. However, you'll probably also need to define a suitable set of Styles in both Excel and Word for the imported data to fully replicate their appearance in Excel.

    Paul Edstein
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