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    Automation Access to Word (2000(SR3))

    I am working on a database to store information for worship bulletins and also output elements of a television script for our weekly broadcasts. These need to go into Word so that they can be edited after the fact. The idea is to speed up data input and centralize the entering of that data. I have been playing around with using bookmarks and a template with Automation and am also looking at using a mailmerge (although I have only ever done this manually from Access).

    There are about 30 - 50 fields that will be outputted on a weekly basis and for the script, many of them will be memo fields.

    My question: Are there advantages to using Mailmerge over bookmarks or vice versa? The bookmarks seem pretty straightforward to use in VBA but I'm wondering if there are downsides, particularly with the memo fields that I need to be aware of. I want to set it up that the secretary chooses the week they want to prepare and click a button. Ideally I don't want her to have to answer a lot of questions from a Mailmerge wizard which is why I like the bookmark approach. Simple typing from Access to Word.

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    Re: Automation Access to Word (2000(SR3))

    Both methods work well. If you're comfortable with using bookmarks, I'd stay with them.

    (BTW, mail merge can also be controlled completely from VBA)

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