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    AJAX for ASP.Net Security Webcasts (current)

    I watched most of these first two webcasts live (with a few interruptions when the Live viewer crashed). They were recorded so that they can be viewed offline in the near future. The third is scheduled for Thursday morning. The presenters are animated and interesting; the host sometimes pushes them out of sequence, but overall I would say these offer some really good insights mixed with a lot of stuff you already knew. It was tech-y, with very little "marketing hype."

    <UL><LI> Live From Redmond: AJAX Security Basics- The Building Blocks to Protecting Your Applications Built with ASP.NET AJAX (Event ID: 1032324696) Recorded
    <hr>This Webcast will demonstrate how ASP.NET AJAX works and provide real examples of the inner workings of an AJAX application. In addition, we will explore how Java script and Web services work and why securing them is critical.<hr>
    <LI>Live From Redmond: How Hackers Reverse Engineer and Exploit an ASP.NET AJAX Application (Event ID: 1032324698) Recorded
    <hr>This Webcast will define how to reverse engineer and exploit an ASP.NET AJAX application. Attendees will learn how a hacker looks at the application and what information they gather from exploring the applications architecture. In addition, we will discuss the threat of cross-site scripting (XSS), what it is and how this dangerous application security defect increases the attack surface of AJAX applications making the XSS threat even more malicious.<hr>
    <LI>Live From Redmond: The Brave New World of AJAX Hacking (and prevention using ASP.NET) (Event ID:1032325007) Feb. 1, 2007<blockquote><hr>This Webcast will cover advanced cross-site scripting (XSS) attack methods, such as Web malware, XSS in e-mail, Datamining with AJAX and virus

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    Re: AJAX for ASP.Net Security Webcasts (current)

    Great post!! I'm sure I'll be using this as a reference for some time to come...

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