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    report labels (2000)

    I have three contact types for a field contact, say 1,2 3. Agents log those contacts and I have a query thats shows how many of each contact type each agent has. I need to put this detail in a report with meaningful labels, currenlty it just shows, 1,2,3 where 1 2 and 3 are taken from an option group. Could I put a text box on the report and use an if statement to say if 1 then "meaningul namer" etc. If so how do i word the if statemnet?

    Thanks Darren.

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    Re: report labels (2000)

    I'd create a table (if you don't have one already) with the types and descriptions:

    <table border=1><td align=center>Type</td><td align=center>Description</td><td align=center>1</td><td>Something</td><td align=center>2</td><td>Other</td><td align=center>3</td><td>Don't know</td></table>
    You can then use text boxes with a control source such as
    =DLookup("Description", "NameOfTable", "[Type]=" & [Type])
    Substitute the appropriate names.

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