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    Mail Merge (Word 2003)

    Is there a way to build a mail merge template in Word such that the number of items in a list could vary from one individual to the next?

    I am currently using an Access report / subreport to do a form for our Benefits Open Enrollment.
    This form shows some personal data, current benefits enrollments, and eligible plans for the coming year. This is then printed to an Adobe PDF file for printing by our vendor.

    I have been asked to see if converting this to a Word template for mail merge and an Excel file for data source would be possible.

    Each person has basically the same personal data. Where the rub comes in is everyone has different current and eligible enrollments.

    My limited understanding of a mail merge is that for each filed in the data source; I would need a corresponding filed in the Word template. With my Access report / subreport, it returns a row if there is data, otherwise the space is left blank and the next sections subreport begins there.

    In other words, for the current enrollments, I would need one row of fields in my template for each program anyone could be enrolled in. So a person that one has a single plan enrollment one have one row populated and then the other filed in the template would not get populated, but would take the same space as if they were. This would also be true for eligible enrollments.

    What I would like to be able to do is build a mail merge template that would work similar to the Access subreport. If there is data, it would be populated. If not then the next section would follow with out the huge blank section.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Mail Merge (Word 2003)

    See <post:=614,891>post 614,891</post:> for several links relevant to your problem.

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