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    Word2003 Envelopes 9'X6' Don't Print Correctly (Word 2003 SP2

    For years, I have printed from Word 2000, on 9"W X 6"H custom size envelopes for mailing W-2's to employees each January and other mailings through the year. This custom size 9" X 6" envelope is a very popular size and is available "off the shelf" in most office supply stores.

    I have two computers connected by parallel cables to the same HP 4050 printer where Word 2000, on the old computer, prints 9" X 6" envelopes very accurately and also instructs the printer to pause until the user feeds an envelope into the envelope feeder in Tray 1 on top. But the problem is, Word 2003, on the other, new computer, will not print 9" X 6" custom size envelopes" accurately and also does not instruct the printer to pause until the user places an envelope into the envelope feeder in Tray 1, on top. It is "as if" Word 2003 is printing a default 8.5 X 11 paper from the letter size paper tray # 2, on bottom, instead of an envelope from the envelope feeder in tray 1, on top. The old computer has Windows 98SE and the new computer has Windows XP Professional, although I do not think that is relevant to this problem.

    Word 2003, on the new computer, prints all pre-programed size envelopes accurately and also instructs the HP 4050 printer to wait for the user to feed an envelope into the envelope feeder in Tray 1. But the problem is, if the user selects a custom size envelope, then it does not pause the printer for the user to feed an envelope into Tray 1 on top, but instead feeds paper from Tray 2, on bottom, which usually contains 8.5 X 11paper. If the user pre-feeds an envelope into the envelope feeder in Tray 1, on top, the printer prints onto the envelope, as if printing on an 8.5 X 11 paper, not on an envelope, so the addresses are very much in the wrong place and the return address is completely off the envelope.

    The dialogues in Word 2003 for pre-programed custom size envelopes are here: Tools, Letters and Mailings, Envelopes and Labels, Options button, Envelope Size "drop down box".

    My current work around is to select the pre-programmed C-5 size envelopes and put two extra blank lines above the return address, after which Word 2003 successfully instructs the printer to pause while the user feeds an envelope into the envelope feeder and then prints accurately onto the envelope, if two blank lines are provided.

    To rule out printer problems, I tested this on a different printer, a new Dell 1710, with identical results which, I think, rules out any printer problems. I did download the latest drivers from HP for my HP 4050 and Dell 1710.

    My conclusion is there is a conflict in Word 2003, as it allows the user to select custom size envelopes, but does not control the printer accurately as Word 2000 does. But I am not a Word expert and I would love to be wrong and find a solution to print 9" X 6" envelopes accurately.

    John Gregory

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    Re: Word2003 Envelopes 9'X6' Don't Print Correctly

    Are you selecting manual feed in the envelope dialog? I think that is the default, but just in case...

    While the difference in OS in itself probably is not meaningful, printer drivers often work differently on different versions of Windows. Double-check the hardware/device settings and make sure that all the desired features for Tray 1 are selected.

    FWIW, we use the PostScript driver for our 4050s; if you have only tried the PCL driver, you can use the Add Printer wizard to create a second printer that uses the PS driver and see whether you get better results.

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