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    Table of Contents (Word 2003)

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know how to get rid of level 3 of the attached table of contents? It is made through manual entry fields. I tried going into the TOC dialogue box and selecting 2 levels, but then I get a TOC that looks totally different form this one, with theTOC first levels centered and other weird things. In addition, it is always showing 3 levels.


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    Re: Table of Contents (Word 2003)

    If you create a TOC based on fields, ALL TC fields with the same <code>f</code> switch as the TOC field will be included. The selection of levels is only intended for a TOC based on styles. So if you don't want level 3 TOC entries, you must either remove the TC fields with level indication <code>l "3"</code>, or you must assign another <code>f</code> name.

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