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    Word menu locations (Word 2002 XP SR3)

    We have a custom template that adds their menu items in to the Word menus. It appears these menus are added at specific locations in the menu.

    Although their code mentions it will insert their menu item after menu Save As...., its actually appearing before. Please see screen capture

    This is their code I found related to menu items:, and they have a sub that AddsMenus.

    Public Const SaveWithOptionsTopMenu = 30002 ' "File" Top level Word menu
    Public Const SaveWithOptionsBeforeId = 748 ' "Save &As..." new menu item placed after this menu item

    Any ideas on how I can force the menu items to display in order as
    Save As...
    Save with Options
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    Re: Word menu locations (Word 2002 XP SR3)

    The Add method of the CommandBarControls object has a Before argument, not an After argument. Similarly, the Move method of the CommandBarControl object also has a Before argument, not an After argument. So you can only specify before which existing control you place a control.
    The control after Save As is Save As Webpage, with ID = 3823, so you could use

    Public Const SaveWithOptionsBeforeId = 3823

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