I just replaced a Windows NT file server with a Windows 2003 file server. This server holds all the users Home directories as well as their Roaming Profiles. While the majority of users have transitioned with no issues. I do have a handful of users who are experiencing the same issue. The issue is that when they login, they download their roaming profile, they have all of their desktop settings and icons, their favorites, etc... it's all there. When they go to open Outlook, it comes up as if it were opening for the first time. It goes through a couple of windows installer screens, and says "Outlook is preparing for first time use..." It takes 3-5 minutes to go through all of that, then their e-mail comes up. They do not have to recreate their outlook profile each time, but they do lose any specific outlook settings they had saved.

Has anyone else experienced something like this, any help would be greatly appreciated.