Intermittently, when I open a file by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer it opens read-only. It's primarily happening in Word, but it just happened in Excel. It doesn't seem to happen when I open the file from within Word (Open/File), but it's intermittent so it's hard to say for certain. The Word files are not marked read-only in Options. If I close the file and reopen it the same way, it works fine.

I looked at the folder properties and they are marked Read Only. I unchecked that box at the top level folder below c: and told it to apply the change to all subfolders. But when I close that dialog and reopen it, the folder is read-only again.

The only thing I can think of is that I'm using XP's encription. But this problem is fairly recent, and I've been using encryption for a while.

Any ideas?