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    Select Case (A2K)

    I have a delima and was hoping someone could offer a solution.

    I have the following:
    Table: tblQuestions (36 total), pkQuestionID
    Table: tblReponseList (126 Total), fkQuestionID
    Form: frmSurvey
    Form: OnCurrent Event
    Oncurrent Event:
    <pre>Dim sQuestion As String

    sQuestion = Me.QstnLvl1

    Select Case sQuestion
    Case 1
    lbl1.Caption = "Excellent"
    lbl2.Caption = "Fair"
    lbl3.Caption = "Good"
    lbl4.Caption = "Poor"
    lbl5.Caption = "Very Good"
    lbl6.Visible = False
    o6.Visible = False
    lbl6.Caption = ""
    Case 2
    lbl1.Caption = "About the same as a year ago"
    lbl2.Caption = "Much better than a year ago"
    lbl3.Caption = "Much worse than a year ago"
    lbl4.Caption = "Somewhat better than a year ago"
    lbl5.Caption = "Somewhat worse than a year ago"
    lbl6.Visible = False
    o6.Visible = False
    lbl6.Caption = ""

    FrmSurvey: Option box
    Option Box: AfterUpdate Event
    AfterUpdate Event:
    <pre>Dim dbs As DAO.Database
    Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
    Set dbs = CurrentDb
    Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("tblResponses", dbOpenDynaset)

    With rst
    ![RspnsID] = Me.tResponseID
    ![QstnID] = QstnLvl1
    ![Rspns] = Me.fmeResponseList
    End With


    My delima is:
    The way I'm setting this up would require 36 Case Statements and that just doesn't seem to be the best approach.

    I thought about the possibility of using a "FOR" or "WITH" statement, but not sure that that's the best approach either.

    Could someone please provide some suggestions for this?

    Roberta Price <img src=/S/cheers.gif border=0 alt=cheers width=30 height=16>

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    Re: Select Case (A2K)

    I presume that you have 36 controls called QstnLvl1 thru QstnLvl36. Are these to be addressed by 36 case statements in the OnCurrent event or the AfterUpdate event of the Option box?

    What do you want the OnCurrent event to do with these 36 controls?

    Don't really know what you are trying to do.

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    Re: Select Case (A2K)

    The best way would be to store the captions in tblQuestions, and to use locked and disabled text boxes instead of labels. The tex boxes would be bound to the caption fields.

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