I rarely get excited about MSWord, but what they hey!

I am producing a document with hyperlink fields. Last Wednesday (2001/07/18 as I think of it) I wrote four minor documents called Item1.doc, Item2.doc, Item3.doc and Item4.doc. On Friday I wrote Report.doc and in that report, inserted hyperlinks to the four Items. Everything worked fine, as it should.

Today in File Explorer I renamed all five files, placing an eight-digit date string as a prefix to each document's name, so that now I have 20010718Item1.doc, 20010718Item2.doc, 20010718Item3.doc and 20010718Item4.doc. Also 20010720Report.doc.

Of course, I know that this will adversely affect the previously created hyperlinks, so I opened up Word with 20010720Report.doc. and right-clicked on the first blue hyperlink to Item1.doc, chose Edit Hyperlink. Sure enough there was the old file name "Item1.doc". I chose Browse and Word97, bless its cotton socks, popped up the dialogue box with 20010718Item1.doc as the sole choice.


Also !!!!!!!!!!!

How clever of it.

How thoughtful.

How intuitive.

Now I have to get a cup of tea and have a lie-down to recover .....