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    schema.ini (2002)

    I wrote a specification export file, by modifying the specification of an input specification that I previously created and renaming it exportspecs. After running a macro with transfer text and using Export Fixed Width in the transfer type with the specification name access says it required a schma.ini file whatever that is. So I copied the only one I found into the directory of my db, only to have access say that exporting format does not conform with the scema.ini. I am up sh?ts creek.

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    Re: schema.ini (2002)

    This probably means that your export specification isn't entirely correct. Try creating it anew by exporting the table or query and saving the setup in an export specification. You shouldn't need a schema.ini file then.

    See How to Use Schema.ini to Access Text Data and Schema.ini File (Text File Driver) for info about schema.ini files.

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