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    Orphan Processes and Exchange Server 2003

    We are running Exchange server 2003 with Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition and Symantec Mail Security for Exchange Server version 5. Every hour Exchange Server runs 2 orphan processes, find.exe and ftp.exe, left unchecked they will continue to run anew and eventually there will be many instances of this running. It is clearly causing a problem on the server what I am trying to establish is if it is Exchange Server causing the problem or one of the 2 Symantec products.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Orphan Processes and Exchange Server 2003

    A Google for "find.exe and ftp.exe" returns this thread . DO NOT click on "View Solution". Rather simply scroll down the page to see the replies and comments. Although he does not say exactly how he solved the problem, the poster does indicate (third comment and last comment) that he has isolated the problem to Symantec Mail Security for Exchange. Hope this helps.
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