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    Track Expenditures (2003)

    Did not know how to search this so I thought I would ask. I want to track expenditures on a monthly basis but also have a summary sheet to show all months with totals. I want to use a dedicated expenditure code to where the money was spent.
    Can anyone point me to a past post, website, or give me a few ideas.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Track Expenditures (2003)

    I'd use one table to store all the expenditures. It is then (relatively) easy to filter the data for a single month and to summarize the data in various ways.
    The table would have at least these fields (you can. of course, use other names)

    ExpenditureID (AutoNumber, the primary key of the table)
    ExpenditureDate (Date/Time)
    ExpenditureCode (Number - Long Integer, see below)
    ExpenditureDescription (Text, for a description, if necessary)

    You can add other fields as needed. The ExpenditureCode would be linked to a table listing the codes and their meaning.

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