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    Data Form out of view (2000 - 9.03821)

    I have a spreadsheet with 40 fields I want to use 'data form' to display. I have several issues. I can hide columns (so the form fits), but one time it gives a message that it can't identify the headings, the next time it doesn't. Worse, while I often am able to see the entire form (it would be used to input units of service in the days of the month), often, the top half of the form disappears above the file and I can't even close it - I have to shut down Excel.

    Is there a setting to make a data form default to 'wide' instead of high? Can I force it to show on the screen? For the error (Microsoft Excel Cannot determine which rows are your headings), if I use 'Application.Displayalerts = False', can I bet that the headings will work (this process will be relased to 21 other locations). Thanks.

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    Re: Data Form out of view (2000 - 9.03821)

    The Data Form built into Excel is not customizable in any way.

    You could try John Walkenbach's Enhanced Data Form v2.
    The Enhanced Data Form presents the data in a scrollable list, and its size can be specified.
    It's <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> for use as it is, but you have to pay if you want to have access to the source code (so that you can tweak the form).

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