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    Changing File save as default In Word (XP)

    I am new Woody's and am very impressed with all of the information that is contained here. I am also new to trying to create MACROS in Word. I have created a form in Word and would like a way to create the file name for the subsequent forms to use data from fields in the form when file save as is used. I have searched through the posting and have not seen anything that really pertains to what I am trying to do.

    I have named the areas of the Form that I want to grab the data from to create the new file name I just do not know where to go form there. An example of the File name would be as follows (the areas in { } are the areas that would change each time the doc was saved)

    {bkUsername} approver exception {bkApproverGroup} {bkNode}.doc

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Changing File save as default In Word (XP)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 08-Feb-07 13:53. )</P>Welcome to the Lounge. HansV's recent <post#=629,913>post 629,913</post#> gives an example using one form field. Your code would look similar, but with more fields. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15> Hans' <post#=419,577>post 419,577</post#> shows how to name macros to "hijack" the File>Save and File>Save As... commands.

    Added thought: This example shows how to display the proposed file name in the Save As dialog box: <post:=151,413>post 151,413</post:>.

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