We have a web based application where there are some large reports. When you select a report, it open in a new window showing the first page of data. There is a button you click on where the backend server spools the data into a file. Once this is done, you can download the file. (actually a query that outputs over 1 million lines that is saved as a CSV file)

On some of these it can take over 20 minutes for this to complete.

We have a few users that after about 1 - 5 minutes they lose their connection (TCP-IP Error Lost Connection). Myself, I am not having this issue.

The application is behind out firewall. On all of these machines, we all have the same Proxy settings (same proxy server, both Proxy server boxes are checked & same exclusions along with the same http 1.1 settings being checked on the Advanced tab.

We have added 2 registry entries (from KB813827) KeepAliveTimeout & ServerInfoTimeout with a extremely long time (fffffffx0 or 2147483647 milliseconds).

None of this seems to be working.

Any suggestions or what am I forgetting that I set on my machines that we did not on some of the others? (All are XP SP2)

Also to clarify, the issue is not the download or the size of the download, it is that on some machines IE drops the connection to the server after 1 or 5 minutes instead of waiting for the web site to respont to the request (the windows flag waves & the process bar at the bottom would show 3 bars until the page returns the icon showing the file is now ready). As we must do this through the web based GUI, a download manager add on or 2ndary program will not work in this situation.