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    Custom Outline Numbering (XP)

    I am trying to create a template to share firmwide. I have Heading Styles that are linked to custom outline numbering.
    it looks like I can have 8 different outline numbering schemes. IWhat is the best way to "lock down" these numbering schemes so the end users always have the same numbering schemes available. What happens if they would like to add one of their own? Can you have more than 8 schemes?

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    Re: Custom Outline Numbering (XP)

    Word's numbering scheme is rather hard to control. The most reliable way is to create named list templates using VBA. You can define other list templates than those in the Outline Numbering tab of the Bullets and Numbering dialog. It's a lot of work to set up initially, but once you have the code, it's easy to apply.

    See Word Numbering Explained on the Word MVP site and the many links in the articles.

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