Here's the latest offering from Giveaway of the Day (Feb 9, 2007) . It's a program called PPT to Video Scout . It converts Power Point presentations to avi. The program normally sells for $49/$59 US.

PPT To Video Scout for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP converts PowerPoint presentations (PPT) into MPEG, AVI, VideoCD video with sound.
<UL><LI>The program converts PowerPoint presentations into AVI or MPEG video with sound
<LI>Supported video formats: MPEG, AVI, DivX, xDIV, DVD, VideoCD
<LI>Supported conversion modes: Normal (as viewed by F5 in PowerPoint), Automatic Slide Show, Manual mode
<LI>NTSC, PAL and custom resolutions and frame rates are supported
<LI>The program integrates itself into PowerPoint: you can use "Convert To AVI" command in File menu to launch conversion
<LI>Audio recording support
<LI>and more![/list]Requirements: PowerPoint 2000 or higher installed

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