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    Laptop SATA Drive

    I'm testing a friends laptop for her. It simply continues to reboot every time its powered up, I can't get it into SAFE or LAST GOOD modes.

    So far, I've identified a stop 0x0000007b error. According to the MS KB site, this could be a number of causes, but boot sector virus is one possibility. I have all the restore disks, so as a last resort, I can re-install from scratch. Luckily there is no data to worry about on the laptop. The trouble is if it isn't a virus, then there may be a hardware fault on the drive, and as a replacement would be so cheap, I'd prefer to replace that now. So identifying if a virus is present is my preferred first task.

    As I can't scan it in the laptop, my first thought was to create a rescue disk, and boot/scan from that. But my own AV software is McAfee, which will only make a floppy, not a CD, and I have no floppy on the laptop. So that is no use.

    The next stage was to remove the HDD from the laptop and try and scan it as a USB drive on one of my PC's. I have a SATA to USB converter, but I'm not knowledgeable enough about SATA to be sure what is needed.

    I have the 7pin Sata data cable attached. Do I need an additional power supply? If so what format. On the HDD, I have a 15 pin connector and an old-fashioned mini 4 pin connector similar (but smaller) to the normal IDE power plugs. With only the 7 pin data connector, the USB device is spotted by my PC, but the drive does not show in Disk Manager. I'm not sure if this is cos it needs power, or cos its not very well!!!!!

    The HDD is a Samsung 2.5" drive, and I'm running Windows XP SP 2



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    Re: Laptop SATA Drive

    I was asking a sort of similar question a couple of weeks ago!

    What you need is a [b]powered USB2 external 2
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