I recently installed ZASS 7. Included with this is the MailFrontier spam filter. It appears that that and Outlook '07 don't want to play nice. I noticed that the toolbar for the spam filter disappeared. I looked up the resolution on the ZA forum and here is what needs to be done. First uncheck the spam filter in ZA, then shut down Outlook if it is running and restart Outlook. Next open the ZA control panel and re-check the spam filter then once again shut down and re open Outlook. Next in Outlook click on tools, then Trust center and re enable the MailBuddy addin. Then once again close and restart Outlook. This resolution worked for about 30 minutes, then I got a warning about that add in. This time I chose to ignore it, and for the past couple of days I haven't received the addin warning, and the tool bar is still there and the program is still working.