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    Image in signature (Outlook 2003)

    I want to use an image of the company logo in the signature of my emails. Word is the HTML editor. I can get this to happen, without any real problem. However, when I go to run the spelling checker, it immediately says that it is finished, yet it has not detected any of the errors. I tried to select all of the text and then run the spelling checker, but the result is the same. Is this a known problem, or should I be doing something different? It is very important that the logo (a jpg file) be in the signature.

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    Re: Image in signature (Outlook 2003)

    I don't use Word as my mail editor, but from general experience with Word, you can mark text for "No Proofing" by using Tools>Set Language. It's possible that this property was set in your signature, and that you are typing your in a paragraph that is immune from spell checking. Just a guess.

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