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    URL:Mailto creps out (Outlook 2003)

    From withing a second "administrator privileged" user account (on the same laptop), I noticed that, whenever I click a mailto link on a web page, I get the message "Could not perform the specified operation because the default mail client is not properly installed" (something to that effect). Also, when I close the popup window, I get "literally" FLOODED with Internet Explorer windows all over my screen (60 or more)!

    I did some Googling online, and tried some of the suggestions I came across. I tried:

    Going into Internet Explorer, into Tools/Options/Programs, and changing the application program designated for email from Microsoft Office Outlook to something else, and then changing it back.

    Restoring the action and application values for the URL:Mailto Protocol entry within Windows Explorer's Tools/Folder Options/File Types section (but could not because the damn entry is MISSING entirely)

    Downloading and double-clicking a "mailto.reg" file--a properly functioning Mailto registry key, so as to correct the key information in my registry. Doing this caused the registry editor to bark at me, saying it could not import the mailto key because there is an error accessing the registry.

    The reason I set up the second user account was because, after unsuccessfully uninstalling an application called Omnipage 15, (which I only attempted because I wanted to increase my disk space and didn't need the application all that much) I started noticing my Windows Explorer would crash whenever I right-clicked an image file name such as a ".jpg" or a "pdf" (the problem had to do with populating the right-click popup menu with items). So, decided to try and get around that problem by creating a second user account via Settings/Control Panel/User Accounts, and gave it the same user privileges (Administrator). The URL:Mailto protocol WORKS PERFECTLY from within original user account, but creps out from within the SECOND user account. Likewise, the URL:Mailto Protocol entry is present in Windows Explorer Tools/Folder Options/File Types while in the original user account, but missing while in the second user account.

    I also, upon the advice of a techie, tried uninstalling Internet Explorer 7, and then reinstalling it. I figured that if I had to go through the reinstallation, I might try reinstalling it from the SECOND user account. Guess what, the installation crepped out on me, forcing me to install it from the ORIGINAL user account. I went and installed it from the original account, and I'm right back to where I started.

    I spent HOURS trying to fix the damn thing. Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: URL:Mailto creps out (Outlook 2003)

    This appears to be basically the same problem as <post:=631,497>post 631,497</post:> or at least closely related. To prevent duplication, this thread is locked. Please post all replies in the other thread.

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